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SoundTube Entertainment has achieved IP64 and IP54 ratings for all speakers in the company’s 31 Series of three inch speakers. The series includes surface-mount, pendant, in-wall and in-ceiling models.

IP (Ingress Protection) testing measures a speaker’s ability to withstand particulate and water exposure and is especially important for determining the viability of a product’s usage outdoors.

The IP rating consists of two numbers. The first one ranges from 0 to 6 and signifies the level of particle protection (primarily dust); the second number ranges from 0-9 and is for water protection.

The test specimens are subjected to two sets of testing. For the particle ingress testing, the units are placed in a sealed chamber and then a heavy concentration of very fine dust is introduced and swirled around to see if it gets into the enclosure.

The water ingress testing is similar, but the water is sprayed from a shower head nozzle on to the test specimen from all angles.  For both tests, the sample is removed from the chamber after the test period and examined for ingress inside the enclosure.