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Now available: CELO8S High-end 8″ ceiling subwoofer

The CELO8S is the next step in our journey to provide an impeccable musical atmosphere. This 8” ceiling subwoofer is fitted with a stiff and light aluminum membrane, minimizing ceiling vibrations and resulting in energetic depths from above, while the open back design enables the CELO8S to reproduce low frequencies in the most natural way possible. Its integrated stereo crossover enables you to effortlessly connect your satellite speakers, resulting in the absolute finest full-range musical atmosphere in the most cost-efficient way possible.

High-end 8″ ceiling subwoofer
Ø 250 mm (cut-out)
117 mm built-in-depth


  • Reduce cable and amplifier channel usage thanks to integrated stereo crossover
  • 8″ Aluminum membrane driver
  • 100 Watt RMS power
  • SlimLine™ grill with Neodymium magnet grill fixation
  • Lockable Phoenix terminal block connectors
  • Elegant & unobtrusive design
  • Warm & true to nature sound

Controllability at the flip of a switch

Phase switch

Depending on the acoustical properties of your room and placement of the subwoofer, the sub can be better integrated into your room when switched to either 0° or 180°. We recommend 0° when all speakers are mounted in a flat wall or ceiling.

Balance correction switch (± 3 dB)

When installed with accompanying satellite speakers, the volume of these satellites relative to the subwoofer can be increased and decreased by 3 dB, according to the installation setup and preferred sound.