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Eiki has launched OverView – An Intelligent Room Booking System

OverView is a room booking app with centralised online cloud management and direct synchronisation with MS Exchange, MS Office 365 and Google Apps.

Custom hardware becomes unnecessary with this app, which runs smoothly on any iOS or Android device.

OverView can be:

  • Single Room
  • Multi Room

OverView Single Room

OverView Single Room was designed to be installed on a tablet mounted in front of the meeting room. The app displays the daily schedule for the particular room, complete with meeting subjects, date and time of each event and name of the organiser as well as the room. The back- ground color displays red when the room is in use, and green when it becomes available.

OverView Single Room can be used on its own or as a valuable addition to an existing meeting management system.

OverView Multi Room

OverView Multi Room was designed for Smart TV, the OverView Multi Room displays an overview of free and occupied rooms, complete with meeting subjects, date and time of each event and name of the organ- iser as well as the room.

Ideal for large establishments, OverView Multi Room makes it easy to stay updated on relocated and rescheduled meetings.

 PIN Code Confirmation – An addition to Single or Multi Room

When booking a room online, the user will receive a confirmation email with a unique PIN code. Each meeting room has a fixed device running the OverView app. To confirm that a meeting is taking place, the PIN code is entered on this device. If the PIN code has not been entered 15 minutes after the scheduled beginning of the meeting, the event is deleted from the calendar and the room is free for another event. The system will then notify the organizer that the event has been cancelled.