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Fibaro’s SWIPE Offers Touchless Home Automation

With no device contact required, there is no possible transfer of bacteria, making SWIPE a safe solution for public spaces such as schools, restaurant kitchens, and businesses.

Wireless and home automation manufacturer Fibaro has developed SWIPE, a control pad that allows users to control home automation devices through gestures without touching any devices or ever having to take out a smart phone or tablet.  

By recognizing six simple gestures — up, down, left, right, circle to the left, circle to the right — SWIPE uses Z-Wave wireless technology to perform home control activities such as turning lights on/off, lowering and raising blinds, dimming and brightening lights, running complete automated scenes, and more. With no device contact required, there is no possible transfer of bacteria, making SWIPE a safe solution for homes with families, as well as schools, restaurant kitchens, businesses, and related applications. 

SWIPE resembles an electronic picture frame that can be mounted on a wall or placed on a desk, and it can be personalized with a physical picture that can be replaced at any time. SWIPE can also be completely invisible to the users and guests, as it is able to detect gestures through a variety of materials. Users can place SWIPE underneath granite, behind art work, or even behind drywall. 

SWIPE employs advanced electric field technology analysis, which has allowed Fibaro to eliminate the need to use a device’s switches. A built-in reed sensor and magnet operate the device menu without a user ever having to remove SWIPE from its mount or carriage. SWIPE is available in either black or white.  

 “With its endless flexibility in applications and placement, and its groundbreaking gesture control technology, SWIPE offers an entirely new way of controlling lighting and all of the other smart products in your home,” said Rich Bira, managing director at Fibaro USA. “When visible, it is beautiful. And when placed behind a wall or countertop, it works like a non-intrusive charm.”

SWIPE is compatible with any Z-Wave or Z-Wave+ controller, and supports Z-Wave network security with AES-128 encryption. Gestures and actions are confirmed by SWIPE through a built-in buzzer and LED indicator. SWIPE can be either battery (4 AA) or VDC powered.