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Kramer Electronics Partners with InfoComm to Teach CTS and CTS-D Prep

 Kramer Electronics and InfoComm International have collaborated to offer InfoComm-licensed courses, and broaden their current offering of education and training. 

“Kramer Electronics is dedicated to providing education and training on key industry concepts and technologies that provide students with the comprehensive knowledge necessary to succeed in the AV marketplace,” said Dave Bright, president of Kramer Electronics US. “CTS certifications prepare people in our industry to do the job of selling and designing Pro AV equipment properly, and as such these certifications are invaluable to the entire industry.”

“InfoComm is thrilled to be working again with Kramer Electronics to bring this important training to the industry,” said David Labuskes, CTS, RCDD, executive director and CEO of InfoComm International. “The more professionals who take CTS and CTS-D Prep classes, the stronger the AV industry becomes, and based on Kramer’s extensive training network, we are excited for the future. Thanks to Dave Bright and everyone at Kramer for embracing CTS and CTS-D Prep and their commitment to AV excellence.”

Based on market feedback, Kramer is renewing its focus on CTS certification prep classes, this time adding the CTS-D Prep class, along with the general CTS Prep class.

“We are committed to the InfoComm curriculum and to offering our own educational courses that support CTS renewal and quality programs,” said Clint Hoffman, vice president of marketing for Kramer. “We are also committed to making the educational experience as accessible as possible anywhere we can. We often bring our educational offerings directly to our customer’s location or to an area nearby that is an easy commute for the students.”