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Kubo is an upholstered sound-absorbing cube that is perfect for venues with ceilings over 3 metres high. Fitted with a ceiling fastening system with a steel cable attached to a corner of the cube, this sound-absorbing element lets you create different installations depending on your specific application needs. 

The product has many different features: Kubo is thicker than other Caruso Acoustic products, allowing better absorption of low frequencies. Its small size means it takes up little space inside a room, while also filtering light better in between the cubes.

Caruso Acoustics experience in the acoustic design of working areas and public spaces has revealed new needs in the different ways of using certain environments, such as educational recreational areas, sports facilities and amusement arcades. This led to the need to develop a new product that could better meet the needs of these specific environments. This therefore required acoustic comfort but also an aesthetic focus. In fact, Kubo lets you choose from a wide range of fabric colours so you can decorate and customise the room in question with style.