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Legrand Unveils Premium High-Speed HDMI Cables

The cables are certified by HDMI Licensing to handle full 18Gbps data speeds.

Legrand has unveilied its first certified Premium High Speed HDMI cables with ethernet that ensure full support of 4K Ultra HD as well as high dynamic range (HDR) and other high-speed, high-performance AV features offered on the most advanced televisions, Ultra HD Blu-ray players, and entertainment systems.

Legrand’s eight-piece offering includes two white slim line cables, the AC3MP1-WH (1-meter length) and AC3MP2-WH (2-meter length), which are well suited for discreet installations, such as wall-mounted monitors, as they maintain the lowest profiles without sacrificing features or performance. Rounding out the group is an array of black cables that range in size from 1 to 7 meters: the AC2MP1-BK, AC2MP2-BK, AC2MP3-BK, AC2MP4-BK, AC2AP5-BK, and AC2AP7-BK.

All of the new cables feature packaging with the official Premium HDMI Cable Certification Program label issued from HDMI Licensing, LLC, the agent for the HDMI specification. This anti-counterfeit badge verifies that the cables have been tested to ensure consumers of their ability to handle the full 18Gbps data speeds necessary to deliver the highest level of video quality and performance. In addition, the packaging for each cable features a QR code and a unique holographic fingerprint that consumers can scan with their mobile devices to verify that the manufacturer and model number are authentic and certified as they are making their purchasing decisions.

The quality of video content is continually evolving and offers ever sharper, more colorful images to be enjoyed on the latest state-of-the-art televisions and monitors fed by various sources via HDMI. Today’s 4K/UHD at 60Hz video resolution delivers four times the picture density and noticeably more image clarity than the 1080p high definition standard. Products equipped to play or display vibrant, color-rich HDR content require cables that can deliver high-speed performance.

“In the past, consumers and integrators were confused by cables labeled ‘High Speed HDMI with Ultra 4K’ that may not have been designed or tested to ensure they were capable of full Ultra HD support. Our new Premium High Speed HDMI cables are certified to give consumers confidence and peace of mind that they are getting the highest performance possible from their entertainment systems,” said Fritz Werder, general manager and vice president of Nuvo and On-Q lines of Legrand. “In addition, these cables future-proof today’s systems to handle the bandwidth needs of next-generation technologies. Anyone buying HDMI cables today would be wise to select Premium High Speed HDMI certified products.”

“It’s important that a market leader like Legrand offers its customers Premium HDMI Cables that are designed specifically to support UltraHD/4K at the higher frame rates and expanded color spaces, along with HDR,” said Brad Bramy, marketing director of HDMI Licensing, LLC. “We’re thrilled to have Legrand onboard and enabling the best performance installations.”

All of Legrand’s Premium High Speed HDMI cables are constructed of durable PVC molding housing gold-plated, and CL-3 rated for in-wall use. They have small overmold designs that allow them to be pulled more easily between studs during installation. To facilitate the use of these cables in more applications, Legrand also offers the HT2102-WH-V1 flat panel TV connection kit.