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MSE Audio Boosts Outdoor Bass with Two New Subwoofers

Rockustics DubSub and OneSub subwoofers are designed to boost visceral low-frequency bass in outdoor audio systems.

MSE Audio has released the Rockustics OneSub and DubSub subwoofers, which the company says are designed to enhance outdoor audio experiences with visceral, low-frequency bass.

The Rockustics OneSub and DubSub are designed with durable, rock enclosures and are built to withstand rain, frost, snow, and ice. The OneSub is a stand-alone, passive subwoofer that requires a sub amplifier with an active crossover. The DubSub performs as a sub/sat system. With the DubSub, integrators can wire two additional, full-range speakers to the DubSub to create a three-speaker system, which can be powered by any traditional amplifier without the need for a subwoofer amplifier or external crossover. Available in gray, sandstone, and brown, the OneSub and DubSub are designed to be kept outdoors during their entire lifespan, even in cold-weather climates.

The Rockustics OneSub, an 8-inch subwoofer, and the DubSub, an 8-inch dual-voice coil subwoofer, feature an 4-ohm impedance, 8-inch polypropylene subwoofer, and a frequency response of 38 to 100 Hz. The OneSub and DubSub are manufactured in the USA and include a 10-year warranty.