Selecteaza Domeniu:

Musaic gets a five star review and recommended status in the February issue of Hi-Fi Choice

Here’s a preview of what Hi-Fi Choice thought about Musaic:

“…what’s apparent from the outset is how the Musaics have also been engineered for maximum sound quality from their compact cases.”

“With the MP5 firstly taking the stage in my 3x4m office and streaming Vaults’ Premonitions at 320kbps via Spotify Connect, I am presented with a wider soundstage than anticipated… what I get is a musical presentation that sounds much broader than many one-box players.”

“Swapping the MP5 for its larger MP10 sibling makes for a more detailed and in many ways grown-up performance.”

“An attribute that’s common to both players’ personalities is in how the music they produce isn’t too focused at a particular zone within the room or aimed squarely dead ahead in front of them.”

“Settling back into my listening seat and armed with a 24/96 FLAC download of Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers’ Refugee, it’s good to know both Musaics can buckle up for some pulse-raising rock when asked.”

“We Say: Great value systems that make multi-room streaming an absolute doddle.”