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NEW from Audac: NELO series. An unmatched surface-mount solution

The NELO surface-mount loudspeakers allow installation to any wall or ceiling where functional and cost-efficient reproduction for music & speech is required and in-ceiling and in-wall installations are not possible.

It features a 6.5” broadband loudspeaker with a continuous power handling of 10 Watt (RMS) and 20 Watt max. power. Fitted with a line transformer for use in 70V/100V public address systems with power tappings for 6W and 3W.

What to expect from the NELO surface-mount loudspeakers?

  • Minimalistic and elegant design
  • Cristal clear sound
  • Unequalled cost-efficient surface mount solution
  • Versatile mounting options (ceiling, wall & pendant)
  • One neat and enclosed entity
  • SnapConnect™ terminals
  • Optional volume controller (NELO706V)

Unique features:

  • One neat and enclosed entity

A functional yet sound accurate speaker system combined in one good-looking entity. The housing is minimalistic and elegant designed with a very narrow border and a finely perforated steel grill on the front.

  • Easy installation and cable management

Installing a surface-mount speaker was never so easy. You can read the 4-step installation process by clicking the button below. The connections are made through SnapConnect™ terminals, offering a faster, more reliable and safer choice for fixed installations.

Download installation manual

  • With or without volume controller

The NELO series are available in various models with (NELO706V) and without (NELO706) individual volume controller on its side for easy controllability on speaker level.

  • External or flush volume controller

Select your style for controlling the volume of the NELO706V. Included in the box are 2 types of volume controllers: an external controller, for frequent adjustments and flush controller, for fixed setting.

  • Pendant mounting kit

The CSK100 is an optional suspension kit, allowing the NELO series loudspeakers being used as a pendant loudspeaker solution. The 3 steel wire extensions can be attached to the back of the speaker (threaded bushings), while a 3.5 meters long steel wire allows it to be fixed to any possible ceiling or surface.