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Crestron Launches Two DMPS3-4K Series Models for Small Room Presentations

Crestron has expanded its line of all-in-one DigitaMedia 3-Series Presentation Systems (DMPS3) with two models designed specifically for single-display applications. The three DMSP3-4K models all feature a built-in Crestron 3-Series Control System, analog and digital AV switching, 4K scaler, and direct LAN connectivity with Crestron Fusion software for network management. Designed for either a single room or mass deployment throughout a university or corporate enterprise, the DMPS3-4K Series features out-of-the-box functionality, simple web-based configuration, and network deployment.

Appropriate for small rooms, the MPS3-4K-50 provides solution for connecting local sources to a local display while the DMPS3-4K-100-C is designed to connect local sources to an extended display. The DMPS3-4K-150-C is ideal for connecting remote sources to an extended display.

All three models feature built-in Crestron .AV Framework technology, which provides several powerful and vital features right out of the box, including auto-switching, plug-and-play installation with Crestron Connect It cable caddies, automatic display on/off via CEC, and intelligent connectivity with Crestron AirMedia presentations gateway for wireless BYOD capability.

Using .AV Framework from the touchscreen or web-based tool, integrators can perform simple, complete system setup. They can choose sources and display control and automatically generate the touch screen GUI, to deliver an intuitive, consistent user experience in every room, without any programming. For a higher level of integration and management, Cresnet occupancy sensors and direct communication with Crestron Fusion are also handled through .AV Framework without writing any code.