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New from Optimus SA – SIP audio interface to analog audio A-10SIP

PA announcements from any SIP phone

OPTIMUS expands the SIP compatibility options of its public address systems with the IA-10SIP model, a SIP audio interface to analog audio that allows you to transmit audio from any SIP device to an analog public address system: amplifier, preamplifier, power unit…

The equipment is configured from a web server and powered by PoE or by a 5 V DC source. It has several audio outputs, one direct to an 8 ohm speaker and 2 W power, and two to connect the public address equipment, one AUX level (0 dB) and another MIC level (-60 dB). The equipment also provides a signal to activate the priority (open collector activated in connection) and a remote control (relay) activated by DMTF from the SIP device.

This interface forms a family with the IA-20SIP, model, which includes the ability to connect a microphone or analog sound source and convert it to SIP. It is a device that allows, therefore, intercom or standard public address functions using the SIP telephony network.


  • Parameter configuration via WEB server.
  • Local power supply 5 Vdc (I905SIP) or PoE.
  • Direct audio output for loudspeaker (8 Ohm, 2 W).
  • AUX audio outputs (0 dB) and MIC (-60 dB).
  • Relay contact output (activation by DMTF).
  • Open collector priority output (activated in connection).
  • Indicators: power supply, call and audio level.