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New from TOA Electronics – Integrated Audio Collaboration System LENUBIO (AM-CF1)

LENUBIO (AM-CF1) is a new audio system for conference rooms which incorporating TOA’s proprietary array microphone technology, digital signal processing and 2-way active speakers. 

High quality loudspeakers, and array microphone which collects sound ideally by detecting and tracking voice in real-time will make team collaboration more productive and your presentation more attractive.

As a professional steerable microphone array system with integrated stereo soundbar LENUBIO is the perfect all-in-one conferencing solution for small to medium size conference spaces with great return on investment. Built-in AEC (Acoustic Echo Cancellation), ANC (Ambient Noise Cancellation), and EQ maximize performance making collaboration between remote sites a very natural experience.

Connectivity includes USB ports for direct integration with computers and webcams, Bluetooth, codec input/output, stereo audio inputs/outputs, and contact inputs/outputs.

Because LENUBIO (AM-CF1) knows exactly where the presenters are at all times it can literally dial out unwanted sound while maximizing the fidelity and intelligibility of the speakers’ voices.

Key benefits:

  • LENUBIO creates the most natural communication available for team collaboration between remote locations. With the integrated array mic and soundbar positioned below the display participants actually talk with each other just as they would in normal conversation.
  • For impromptu meetings, a smartphone can be quickly paired with LENUBIO via bluetooth connectivity for exceptionally clear communication.
  • Presentations become impactful with the professional grade high-quality audio delivered via stereo soundbar with subwoofer output.

Real-time beam steering illuminated – Seven LED indicators behind the front grille illuminate to visually track presenter location, display microphone gain level, and show microphone mute status.

GUI for easy setup and control – The browser interface is available to make adjustments to parameter settings such as mixer volume controls, audio processing, LED indicator management, control I/O, presets, and voice tracking field adjustments for coverage within a 20 foot range.