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The New LED Signage Samsung XA060F Has Been Launched!

Samsung XA060F – P6 LED Signage with durable and weather-resistant design!


  • Excellent and consistent picture quality
  • IP(Ingress Protection) validation
  • Weather-resistant design
  • Electromagnetic compatibility

Revitalize Outdoor Engagement through Consistent and Reliable LED Content – As more businesses turn to LED signage to distinguish themselves in crowded settings, Samsung’s XAF Series displays bring the power and impact of LED outdoors. The XAF Series displays are engineered to deliver essential business content to external audiences regardless of surrounding environmental or lighting conditions, and are durably designed to perform over extended periods of use.

A Clear and Consistent Picture – Through a high 2,400 Hz. refresh rate, the displays can stream videos without distortion or interruption. The XAF Series’ design also deters light interference and maintains uniform, 6,300nit brightness at all times.

An Environmentally-Stable Design – Samsung’s XAF Series displays undergo strict pre-deployment maintenance to ensure continuous performance and quality even when exposed to water, dust and other outdoor elements. 

A Durable and Reliable Outdoor Alternative – Rigorous environmental testing validates the XAF Series’ ability to withstand exposure to a variety of natural and unintentional scenarios. 

A Safer and More Secure Operation – Each XAF Series display is built with meticulous attention to safety. Integrated over-voltage protection mechanisms safeguard the display from electrical surges and lightning exposure, while a complementary circuit breaker shields the internal circuit from excess currents. For added defense, the XAF Series displays undergo certification testing to validate each component’s electromagnetic compatibility.