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New from OPTIMUS – Acoustic hemisphere NEPTUNE

Wide dispersion and degree of protection IP55

OPTIMUS increases its offer of quality loudspeakers for outdoor and indoor public address applications with the NEPTUNE, an acoustic hemisphere composed of five loudspeakers, 1 x 5″ woofer for medium and low frequencies and 4 x 1/2″ twitters for high frequencies, in an arrangement that allows the sound dispersion of 360º in horizontal and 180º in vertical. It has a low impedance connection of 8 ohms and 50 W of power, with a maximum SPL of 105 dB, and in high impedance through a 100 V line transformer, 30 W of RMS power and a maximum SPL of 103 dB.

In addition to all the above, it has a wide frequency response (80 ~ 20,000 Hz) and a 5 kHz crossover filter. The NEPTUNE allows the sounding of large spaces with a minimum of units, where good audio quality is also required, such as commercial warehouses, exhibition halls and fairs, hotels, restaurants, gyms … It is available in white (NEPTUNEW) and black (NEPTUNEB).

The NEPTUNE acoustic hemispheres join the 50W SAT360 and IP34 pendant spheres, the ES-60W multi-purpose acoustic sphere and the M8764B high-performance pendant speaker to offer a complete range of solutions in high-quality PA systems, wide dispersion and elevated SPL.