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OPTIMUS has launched the audio interface with IP connection IF-7P4ETH/0

IF-7P4ETH – Modular IP Amplifier of COMPACT series

The equipment IF-7P4ETH/0 is an audio interface for the COMPACT series with IP connection and four spaces for inserting power modules (from MP-WD1 series, with powers of 120, 150, 250, 300 and 460 W). It has four local analog program/priority audio inputs, with configurable sensitivity, and receives up to 4 simultaneous IP audio channels through the Ethernet double link.

Each output zone has connections for A/B speakers lines and input for back-up amplifier. Includes DSP and supervision. With the expansion equipment IF-7P4/0E the capacity is extended to 44 power modules, as it is possible to connect up to 10 units to the IF-7P4ETH/0.

In addition, as an element in a network, it can be linked via Ethernet with up to 19 more devices, whether they are COMPACT audio modular arrays or IF audio interfaces, with or without power, and receive all calls from global microphone desktops, control computers or the SIP telephony.