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SMCi | IP-SIP Nurse call system

The SMCi system is a patient-nurse communication platform designed specifically for hospitals, clinics and nursing homes, with the aim of increasing the quality of life of patients and residents, improving the working conditions of healthcare personnel, and simplify its installation and commissioning. The system guarantees minimum response time to any user action, reliability in sending and receiving calls, quality in the centre’s communications and the recording of all activities carried out.

  • The room stations and the master stations, all with touch screens, are connected as one more point to the data network with UTP cable and RJ45 connector. The power is local or PoE and if there is no wiring available they can even work under WiFi networks.
  • The server (or redundant servers), with a proprietary communication service based on the Linux system and SQL database, incorporates a triple security system (PBX, server, network) that maintains and distributes system information securely and robustly.
  • The SMCi system software facilitates the registration of patients or residents in each room and the personalization of the services to be performed, improving the quality of service and care. Furthermore, it is easily integrable with the ResiPlus® management program.
  • It is administrable via WEB, in a simple and friendly environment you will be able to keep up to date the information related to users and workers. No specific software installation is required.
  • The system signals the calls with great flexibility; in master stations, room stations with the presence of healthcare personnel, on smartphones, on SIP telephones, on computers …