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Optimus S.A. launched pendant speaker for large venues with high ceilings, M8764B

The pendant speaker system M8764B provides a sound dispersion of 360 degrees vertically and 180 degrees horizontally, and allows its installation on high ceilings thanks to its maximum power of 150 W and high sound pressure up to 115 dB at 1 m, ensuring uniform sound coverage of large areas. It comes with two steel cables for suspension from ceiling, each of 6 m.

The unit has inside 6 speakers and two crossovers filters for distributing low frequencies below 900 Hz by an 8″ woofer, high frequencies above 5 kHz by 1″ twitter, and middle frequencies with 4 speakers of 3″. It also includes two bass ports to enhance the very low frequencies. The connection to the amplifier is external, with a detachable input plug, and with a selectable switch that allows the choice between low impedance (150 W) and 100 V line(64 W, 32 W 16 W and 8 W). The 100 V line facilitates the installation of several units connected over long distances, to a power amplifier, with only two wires.

The M8764B is the right choice for fairs, exhibitions, warehouses, shopping centers or factories. Ensures uniform coverage of large areas, paging of intelligible advises and quality music playback with 6 speakers, three-way and bandwidth from 60 to 20,000 Hz.