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Optims SA Ads. new features to the Scheduler Message Module SMM-8SA

One of the most useful features added to the message manager is the possibility of limiting, optionally, the message playback to a maximum of 30 seconds. The user can use files of any length that will be emitted only during the desired seconds.

The new software lets you test the files from the computer before storing, loading and downloading the scheduling and input / output contact configuration, checks the existence of all audio files, or select, for each scheduling, which days of the week should run.

These new features increase the performance of scheduled message manager SMM-8SA, which allows you to create 50 messages, each as a combination of up to 3 audio files and send them, by scheduling, to up to 8 speakers zones from PA system.

SMM-8SA – Scheduler Message Module for sending up to 50 MP3 audio messages to PA system with time scheduling and control for 8 zones. Each message made with 1, 2 or 3 different audio files. Audio output with priority by relay and 8 open collector outputs for zone control. Time scheduling with start and end, time of launch, frequency, repetition, holidays… Contact inputs for remote activation of up to 8 priority messages. Programming from computer via Ethernet connection and integrated WebServer. Stand-alone operation without computer.