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Digital Signage advertising

Digital Advertising or Digital Signage is advertising that plays on digital screen networks installed in public areas. Screens are, in most cases, controlled by the PC through dedicated software programs, thus avoiding any large expenditures for control equipments. 

It is already known that an electronic display system of information has a power to attract more attention than a classic banner.

The screens offers video images that include graphics, animation and changing text adapted in real time which allows achieving an effective communication channel.

An important aspect of Digital Signage is that it provides the ability to analyze campaign results through video-analysis that can track the number of viewers. Because of the interaction through touchscreens, other aspects such as the number of Selfies and distributions (shares) on social networks can also be measured…a great benefit for campaign evaluation.

Recently, the main sponsor of the famous Rijksmuseum museum in Amsterdam decided to “bring to life” paintings gallery and present them to the public. Thus, through the 86 digital screens positioned around the 16 subway stations from Amsterdam and Rotterdam, paintings from famous gallery “came to life”. Passersby were able to put effectively in paintings through selfies, done with integrated video cameras and then to share the image on social networks.

A unique campaign that draws attention was one of the main reasons that the sponsor of the museum chose digital advertising.  Masterpieces of  world-renowned painters came to life by the aid of digital displays to increase visual impact. In addition, this type of advertising offered to the sponsor ability to connect with viewers via social networks such as Facebook and Twitter and at the same time, increased the awareness.