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Samsung Electronics Introduces New Smart TV User Experience

Samsung has unveiled a new Smart TV system, which includes an enhanced Smart Hub user interface and a new Samsung Smart Control remote.

 “As the world of TV is constantly changing with more choices and more connected devices than ever before, we have made it easier for people to discover and watch the content they want, when they want it,” said Won Jin Lee, executive vice president of the Visual Display Business at Samsung. “In 2016, Samsung’s Smart Hub and Smart Control remote are providing the most streamlined, convenient and intuitive TV user experience. Together, they offer the choices and performance consumers expect from today’s home entertainment technology.”

 The new Smart Hub interface represents a shift away from multiple content sources and devices to one integrated content and services platform. Consumers will now be able to switch seamlessly between broadcast content, OTT content, as well as other connected devices, including videogame consoles or Blu-ray players. With the improved interface, consumers can search through popular titles to find what they want to watch or play. The idea is to eliminate the barrier between sources and devices connected to a TV, allowing consumers to access what they want to watch more easily and quickly. Users can also customize the Smart Hub interface by arranging their favorite content and entertainment selections on their home screen.

 The Samsung Smart Control is intended to replace the array of remotes that currently control many users’ entertainment systems. With an average of three external devices connected to Smart TVs, the Smart Control remote is designed to consolidate multiple remote controls into one device. Built upon the Tizen platform, the new Smart Control remote is designed to automatically recognize sources for faster integration. Ideally, the Smart Control remote will immediately recognize set-top-boxes, OTT boxes, Blu-ray players, game consoles as well as other connected devices.

 Samsung’s new Smart TV system was developed in part by the Samsung Customer Experience Lab in Silicon Valley.

 “Our goal was to give consumers a new type of experience, integrating live TV with streaming services and other content sources,” said Chris Turkstra, vice president of the Lab. “No longer will consumers need to keep track of multiple remotes to control individual devices; all they need is one Samsung Smart TV.”

 It’s a dream that’s been flitting about living rooms for  a decade or more, and as more sources come IoT ready, maybe Samsung’s Smart TV experience can help finally settle the matter.