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TOA N-8000 IP Intercom System – Now Integrates with Genetec Security Center

 The N-8000 IP intercom System now integrates with Genetec Security Center. Genetec™ Security Center offers customers a unified intuitive interface to simplify operations with core systems including access control, video surveillance, and automatic number plate recognition (ANPR). The SIP-enabled communications management module available in Security Center is called Sipelia, and enables seamless SIP-based communications between operators and intercom devices deployed throughout customer’s organization.

Other Benefits Include: 

System Scalability – Two stations can be linked in a small system, and up to 192 components can be interconnected to operate as many as 3072 stations. This makes it suitable for all applications however big or small. 

Borderless Communications – The N-8000 is IP network compatible,  therefore it supports linkage between local areas and other locations worldwide. Centralised PC control with dedicated TOA software enables connection of all exchanges, IP stations and interface units with LAN, WAN and optical fiber networks.

Integrated Communications and Safety Features – Efficient centralised control integrates various systems to handle communications ranging from duplex conversations between stations to paging broadcasts and BGM broadcasting. The system also provides master control for connection to users pre-existing intercom, alarm surveillance, door entry authorisation and other systems.

Easy Installation and Maintenance – Surprisingly easy installation requires a minimum of on-site work, since existing wiring can be used and new components simply plugged in. The TOA software includes a maintenance application  for system status monitoring, troubleshooting and logging as well as for system updating and remote control. 

Internal and External System Security – Equipped with a 24 hour internal surveillance function to minimize downtime and a propriety packet audio protocol to prevent wiretapping.