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Samsung 4K TVs to get a big QLED upgrade

Samsung has announced that its The Frame and Serif TVs are set to be upgraded to QLED screens and will feature at CES 2019.

Ahead of CES 2019, Samsung has revealed that it’s lifestyle range of TVs, The Frame and Serif, are to switch from LED panels to QLED.

Why QLED? Well, if you haven’t heard of it, it’s a rival technology to OLED panels. QLED combines LCD screens with Samsung’s Quantum Dot tech. It uses an array of tiny dots of different sizes in the panel to produce different wavelengths, and thus different colours, when light is passed through them. That, according to Samsung, makes for an image that’s brighter, has better contrast and deeper blacks than you’d typically get from LCD/LED panel.

The Frame and Serif TVs are aimed at those who want their entertainment devices to become a part of the room’s furniture. The Frame can be hung on the wall. Turn it on and obviously you can watch TV, but when it’s turned off the TV reverts to showing pieces of art. It’s essentially a giant screensaver on the wall.

That’s not all it can do, though. You can customise the image that plays on screen by uploading your images from your phone or play them off a USB stick. The Serif follows a similar idea by blending into its surroundings. Seen from the side, The Serif forms a capital ‘I’ shape with a chunkier design and an interface that allows access to Bluetooth speakers, apps and your own photo gallery (if connected).

Both models will be showing at CES 2019 starting with 8th January.