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TOA Debuts EV-700 High-Capacity WAV-file Player

TOA has launched its EV-700 Digital Announcer, a high-capacity WAV-file player.

The EV-700 can record in high-quality WAV format (44.1kHz or 32kHz, 16-bit) to the supplied 1GB memory card (a slot for a second optional memory card is provided). A PC-based onscreen GUI can facilitate intuitive remote storage of sound source files and activation of broadcasts. Creation and editing of various sound source files and programs, updating of settings, and activation of announcements can be handled easily by direct input or managed remotely via a network. A library of prerecorded general and emergency messages can be ready for broadcast the moment they are needed. Up to 32,768 sound files may be stored on a memory card and may be edited for playback. Up to 256 audio programs can be created by stringing together two or more of the stored files to form continuous sequences or sentences. An automatic gain control (AGC) function is available for adjusting the playback volume to a reference level.

The EV-700 WAV-file player provides numerous benefits for large facilities ranging from retail stores and shopping malls to schools, factories, and railway lines. The EV-700 permits easy manual distribution (or automatic activation by external device) of timed and repeat announcements, BGM, and other audio programs with excellent sound quality.