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TOA Electronics has launched WTU-M9800 Wireless Tuner Module

The TOA WTU-M9800 Wireless Tuner Module is designed for being plugged into the 9000 series Digital Mixer M-9000M2. It can be used with TOA UHF wireless Microphones of the 5000 series for vocal or speech reinforcement applications.

With the WTU-M9800, you give the M-9000M2 and the CP-9000 series both a new feature: Easy use of wireless microphones, and spare yourself some cabling.



WTU-M9800 at a glance:

• Use in C7, G1 or D1 band with any 5000 series hand-held or belt-pack transmitter
• Up to 16 RF Chanels
• Use up to two tuners in 9000 series equipment without an external power supply
• A contact output terminal is provided for control of external equipment
• Save on installation costs, rack space and shelf space
• BNC connectors for local antennas or remotely mounted antennas

Find all details about WTU-M9800 Serie in the brochure.