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TOA has unveiled its wireless tuner module WTU-M9800 for its 900 and 9000 series mixer and amplifier

TOA adds wireless tuner model



TOA has unveiled its 5000 series wireless tuner module, the WTU-M9800, designed for its 900 and 9000 series mixer and amplifier.

The wireless tuner installs into the back of TOA equipment, working with the 9000M2 modular digital matrix mixer/amplifier series and the 900 series mixer power amplifier in addition to operating with the A-700 series mixer power amplifier and BG mixer/amplifier series.

The WTU-M9800 works within the M band frequency of 506-538 MHz and is able to be used as a single tuner with a 9000 series amplifier to create a tuner microphone set.

Several microphone sets can be created by adding multiple modules to the back of a TOA amplifier, with the first two modules operating without an external power supply.

The WTU-M9800 can also work with TOA’s WD-5800 wireless antenna distribution box and YW-4500Q remote antenna.