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TOA Electronics has launched Digital Wireless System D-5000

Voice clarity and comfort for any speaking scenario!

The D-5000 Series provides unprecedented speech clarity for delivering the presenter’s voice to audiences in any speaking scenario. Experience yourself the clarity, ease and safety of this wireless solution, whether for classrooms, office meeting rooms, banquet halls, courthouses, or multipurpose halls.

Key features:

  • Digital audio processing ensures optimal sound quality and intelligibility for speech applications
  • Up to 32 simultaneous channels
  • 15 compatible channels per 6 MHz, 20 compatible channels per 8 MHz TV channel
  • Approx. 100 m operating range (line of sight)
  • Signal stability due to digital diversity method
  • Control of peripherals via contact output
  • Dedicated maintenance software enables visual monitoring of any jam radio waves or changes to incoming radio waves

System components:

  • WT-D5800 Digital Wireless Receiver
  • WM-D5200 Handheld
  • WM-D5300 Beltpack Transmitter
  • Lavalier mic YP-M5300
  • Headset WH-4000H
  • Battery Charger BC-2000
  • Wall Mount Antenna YW-4500
  • Lavalier mic YP-M5310
  • Headset WH-4000A
  • Rechargeable Battery WB-2000-2
  • Antenna Distributor WD-5800