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WyreStorm Shows Enado v4 Control Software at InfoComm

WyreStorm has made hundreds of additions and improvements to its Enado software platform designed to further enhance the user interface and dealer programming experience, which it implemented in v4 of its control software.  Enado v4 essentially offers an all-new operating system for its Enado and Enado Mini line.

Enado v4 features an enhancement of Enado QR code generation supporting true BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) connectivity without the downloadable app or configuration typically required with competing products. In v4, QR codes can now be created for anything from linking to individual pages within an interface to the addition of new control devices, with users able to simply scan a QR code within a location, such as boardroom, using their own personal mobile device to get up and running instantly. The new HTTP triggers mean that QR codes can also be generated to trigger an action or series of actions, with users able to switch on lights, lower blinds, and turn on a projector by simply scanning the QR code in the room when they enter.

“This next generation of our Enado software is so much more than an update,” said James Meredith, Enado and NetworkHD product manager for WyreStorm. “With v4 we had the opportunity to really run with what makes the Enado system so unique in a control system market full of ‘me-too’ solutions. V4 marks this latest evolution of Enado as one of the most user-friendly control solutions out there.”

Among the myriad improvements for Enado and Enado Mini control systems, v4 includes vastly enhanced UI customization and button show/hide functionality enabling greater creativity for integrators and users regarding what their interface looks like and what it can do. Buttons can now have graphics overlaid and be layered for fewer drill-downs and improved navigation, while the interface itself can also include interactive maps of the project site that can be pressed for control of specific zones or individual displays within them.

Enado v4 also now supports voice control via Amazon Echo and Fire TV via (If This Then That) for genuine realization of next-generation IoT functionality. The expanded iOS and Android app integration in v4 now allows apps to launch within the Enado UI itself, including Sonos, Autonomics, Lutron, Nest, and WyreStorm’s new NetworkHD Touch. Installers may also be interested to note that the Enado Permalinks feature in v4 eliminates Dynamic DNS configuration for easier remote access to the Enado system.